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Securing Goverment Money for Your Faith-Based Organization w/Software
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    Many Churches across the USA depend upon Chicken Dinner Sales, Fish Fries, and other fund raisers to fund Church ministry year to year, while the Federal Government has trillions of dollars that may be accessed by Faith Based Organizations if the organizations know where and how to apply. With more than 1400 Government Grant programs available, there is no reason that any Church could not find one that would help legally fund its vision. Why labor all day to raise $600.00 when a faith based...

    Tax and Law Big Black Box with Lifetime Updates
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      Pastors and Church Leaders are completely alien to the realm of tax law and accounting. The Big Black Legal Box is your best friend – it is your tax attorney in a box. Everything any Church or non-profit needs to know can be found inside. As the laws change, and they will, we supply the client with free lifetime updates to keep his or her Church tax law library current. This is a must have for every Pastor and Church.

      The New IRS Rules on Gifts & Love Offerings to Ministers
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        Receiving cash is always a great thing – or is it when if you are a pastor or ministry? When does the IRS consider it excessive income and should be taxed? This document has been prepared with guidance from our legal department and to give you information and guidance on taxation of gifts given to ministers. This manual breaks down cash payments into its proper category: contributions, gifts, “love gifts,” honorarium payment, etc.

        The Ultimate Church & Ministry Bylaws Manual
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          The Church and Ministry bylaws of any organization are the organizational documents of what the organization believes and include the tenets of faith. With churches and ministries facing an ever increasing risk of lawsuits, it’s absolutely essential that the bylaws must be up to date and include all of the requirements by the state and federal government. Just because churches are exempt from certain portions of the 1964 civil rights act, it is absolutely essential to implement the scriptural...