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Ministry Accounting Practices & Procedures
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    This valuable resource reference guide that addresses in detail the following subjects: Honorariums, Control of Petty Cash, Arm’s Length, Ministry Budgeting, Ministry Credit Cards, Qualified Disbursements, Critical Path Accounting and Minute Book.

    How to Incorporate Your Church or Ministry
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      Tax-exempt status is available for you and you can do it yourself! This is a very user friendly and all inclusive system for starting your ministry, church, or community development corporation. This simplified system can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in attorney fees and consultants who really do not know 501(c)(3) law. Starting from the very beginning until the final completion of the application this do-it-yourself system has it all: how to receive your federal identification...

      Legal System
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        Save money now and heartache later with do-it-yourself legal documents. No one wants to think about what happens if they die or become unable to make decisions for themselves. But if you do not think about it now, what will your loved ones do when the time comes? It will happen and will happen sooner than you think. This boxed set of do-it-yourself legal documents allows you to prepare now.

        Ministers and Social Security
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          It is essential that your church and ministers understand how social security works, how it effects each of the employees of the organization, and how to plan for the effects it will have, or already has, on your retirement. This master system will provide all the tax information and the preparation for your application to opt out of social security.

          Chumas Certified Accounting Manual
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            Church and nonprofit organization law is highly complex. The tax laws to which churches must adhere in their organization do not commonly involve the taxation of churches but, instead, involve the myriad and complicated world of tax-exempt legal status. This comprehensive manual is designed to be a quick reference tool that is easy to read and review enabling church representatives to gather information quickly and get answers to questions and problems that arise on a day-to-day basis.

            Church & Ministry Policy & Personnel Manual w/Software
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              Do you have a policy & procedures manual? Do you have one that meets the conditions of the U.S. Department of Labor which now requires that all ministries, churches, and businesses have a written policy and personnel manual. This 66-page book &complete detail software package covers almost every topic that you could think of. This package includes: paid vacations and holidays and compliance with COBRA and the Family Medical Leave Act. The user-friendly software will allow each church to...

              Church Compliance System
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                You must now have every area of your church in compliance with the internal revenue service and each state. This in-house church compliance self audit will allow you to determine the areas that need to be looked at, examined, and corrected. The new laws that govern church audits and church compliance now holds the board of trustees, board of directors, check writers, pastor, and in some situations members of congregations responsible if the church is out of compliance with the Internal Revenue...

                Clergy & Administration Compensation
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                  Take the guess work out of the Pastor's pay. This invaluable 116-page book is designed to help the church board establish a fair and reasonable salary for the Pastor. With the new excise sanction laws, it is more important than ever for the church board to use outside resources when setting compensation. Complete with all relevant worksheets, employment contract, minutes for a pay raise, fringe benefits and much more.

                  Clergy Spiritual Guidance Record
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                    Protect yourself with accurate records on spiritual guidance! Today churches and pastors are faced with a record number of lawsuits. One vulnerable area is spiritual guidance. Sexual harassment is now classified as a criminal offense, and without a thorough understanding, ministers could find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance. It is more important than ever for clergy to understand all EEOC guidelines and to keep very accurate records on anyone receiving spiritual guidance. This...

                    Handbook of Financial Giving
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                      The most powerful stewardship handbook ever produced! This 43-page handbook is a great resource for educating church members not only about spiritual truths on stewardship, but also on how to take full advantage of IRS tax laws. Topics range from establishing league trusts, pool trusts and charitable remainder uni-trusts to basic tithing and offering. This great teaching tool should be included in any new church member's packets. Inquire about our quantity discounts for your congregation! ...

                      How to Set Up Love Offerings
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                        Love Offerings are a great way for Churches to honor their Pastor. Unfortunately there are many IRS Court Cases that have resulted from Love Offerings that were improper and illegal. In this manual we teach the Church how to establish a Love Offering Program that is Biblical and Legal. Any Church that does not have this manual in their Library is probably dishonoring their Pastor and placing him or her in jeopardy with the IRS.

                        Master Clergy & Church Forms Manual
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                          Does your church have a benefits plan for the clergy and staff? Almost every fringe benefit imaginable for the church staff and minister is included in this 239-page book with software: Section 89 medical reimbursement plan, accountable reimbursement plan, educational assistance plan, deferred compensation, salary continuation, deferred housing, rabbi trust, split dollar life insurance and much more. The user-friendly software allows the church board to develop any plan specifically for their...