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Ordination Examination
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    Pastor, it is time for your deacons and church leaders to become spiritually educated. This 500 question test comes complete with the ability to have the exam officially graded.

    The Ultimate Church & Ministry Bylaws Manual
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      The Church and Ministry bylaws of any organization are the organizational documents of what the organization believes and include the tenets of faith. With churches and ministries facing an ever increasing risk of lawsuits, it’s absolutely essential that the bylaws must be up to date and include all of the requirements by the state and federal government. Just because churches are exempt from certain portions of the 1964 civil rights act, it is absolutely essential to implement the scriptural...

      Qualified IRS Written Reimbursment Plan Documents - 66 Benefits for a Minister
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        These are 66 of the most incredible allowable expense items for the ministers according to the internal revenue code. There is absolutely no question about the importance of having a well-defined qualified reimbursement plan for the minister. God calls His ministers to serve – He calls upon His people to support them adequately.

        Church IRS Violations
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          This instructional CD by the Authority himself, Dr. Michael Chitwood exposes the 66 most common violations committed by Clergy and Church Staff. During this instruction the hearer will discover how to save him or herself from IRS prosecution and how to stop violating IRS Laws. It is not what you know that will hurt you – it is what you don’t know.

          Clergy Professional Tax Organizer
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            Clergy are unique individuals when it comes to personal income tax. This tax organizer has been designed to help you collect the information needed to properly prepare your federal and state individual tax returns and estimated income tax vouchers. Within this book are many of the common income items, expenses, deductions and credits, as well as questions – the answers will determine the proper handling of these items.

            Furor of UBIT
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              Are Churches required to file 990 Tax Forms? The answer may surprise you. This instructional CD brings awareness to the client concerning the Unrelated Rule for Church Income, The Golden Rule of U.B.I.T (Unrelated Business Income Tax), Guidelines for Church Fund Raising Activities, How Churches Generate Taxable Income, and much, much more. If your Church receives funds from any source other than Tithes, Offerings, Mission Fund, and/or Building Fund, you need this immediately.