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How to Start a Daycare and Make a Big Profit
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    Daycares can be a huge source of revenue for any Church if the Daycare is started properly. In addition Scripture instructs us that if we train up the children in the way they should go, they will not depart from that teaching when they are older. We know secrets others do not and share them in this 3 CD packet that will help your Church begin a successful Daycare.

    Securing Goverment Money for Your Faith-Based Organization w/Software
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      Many Churches across the USA depend upon Chicken Dinner Sales, Fish Fries, and other fund raisers to fund Church ministry year to year, while the Federal Government has trillions of dollars that may be accessed by Faith Based Organizations if the organizations know where and how to apply. With more than 1400 Government Grant programs available, there is no reason that any Church could not find one that would help legally fund its vision. Why labor all day to raise $600.00 when a faith based...

      Church Financial Business & Management Manual w/Software
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        Operating a Church is more than conducting a worship service. When Church services are not being conducted, the Church is a business and should be operated as such. The Church Financial Business & Management Manual w/Software is the Pastor and Church Leaders’ ready reference manual. Offering assistance in areas such as Leadership, Time Management, Human Resources, Accounting and Administrative Forms, and how to conduct Successful Meetings, etc. makes this manual and software the “go-to” guide...

        How to Start & Manage a Youth Center w/Software
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          Our youth are being pulled away by radical religious groups and gangs, while we, the Church, sit idly by and wonder what is wrong with today’s young people. Youth will flood to the Church when the Church begins to offer that which will satisfy the craving rooted deep within their soul. With this book and software, we will show the Church how to establish and manage a 21st Century Youth Center that will not only be beneficial to the Church, but relevant to its youth. Do not allow another one of...

          Retirement Prosperity (4 CDs w/Software)
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            Most Ministers retire sick and financially destitute. Do not allow this to happen to you. In this 4 CD Series, The Authority, Dr. Michael Chitwood will show you the proper way to set up and maintain the Minister’s Retirement system. Do not depend upon Social Security or your Church to take care of you when you retire. Indelibly plant these 10 words into your memory: “If it is to be, it is up to me!” Do not minister another day, until this CD Series is in your hands.

            Eight Legal Requirements & Documents That will protect your ministry Now! Credit Repair
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              These Eight Legal Documents are the Scriptural Conduct Living Provision Section and Supporting Documentation that should accompany every set of Church Bylaws.